About us

Systems Thinkers are experienced consultants and trainers in the fields of System Thinking, Agile and Lean. Our team of experts supports companies in implementing effective methods of organization and management, developing products, and providing services.

Through our advisory service, we support our clients by helping them improve their ability to adapt to market needs and deliver value. We train on the European and global market, offering, inter alia, accredited courses: Scrum.org and Kanban University.

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What we are doing


We support organisational transformations and help with building our client's internal capability of continuous improvement.


We provide professional public and private training:

  • Accredited Scrum.org courses;
  • Accredited Kanban University courses;
  • Systems Thinking training;
  • Training tailored to individual needs.

Systems Thinkers in numbers

Diverse cross-industry experience at: software/IT, telecommunications, automotive, transportation, fintech, power and heat, oil and gas.

We provide our services on 4 different continents, present in 20 countries.

20+ customers satisfied with our help in their Agile transformations.

We operate on the British market since 2015, and since 2017 year on Polish market.

50% of our consultants have a PhD in Management and Organisation.

Our trainers provided 2500+ hours of accredited Scrum.org and Kanban University classes.

High quality training provider: member of Professional Training Network by Scrum.org.

High-quality training provider: member of Licensed Training Organizations by Kanban University.